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Quality Large Scale RC Aircraft, Engines & Accessories

Large Number of Seagull Models ARF's NOW AVAILABLE!

The NZ Distributor of Seagull Models ARF's has a large number of kits in stock and available through account holding retailers (Firebrand is one of course!).

Very attractive domestic freight rates "Drop Shipping" direct to buyer.

Limited qualities of each model so be in quick.

Here is a link to the stock available.  Seagull Models Stock Available

See a selection of the bigger models below to tempt you!

If you are seriously interested in any of the models let us know and we will sort you a great deal!

Email [email protected]

Placing An Order With FirebrandAeroRC....

Please email us at [email protected]

We will take your order, make sure you have everything you need, and email you a Order Confirmation/Invoice including Bank Account details for Direct Credit Payment in both NZ & Australia. 

Please observe a minimum order of $50.

For more detail please see:

Just Getting Started? We can help!

Just starting out?

If you are starting out (or getting back into it) and want to do it properly then you have come to the right place!

FirebrandAeroRC is NZ's only specialist fixed wing RC aircraft business focusing on quality larger scale models. 

Click here to get started then feel free to call or email to get yourself sorted!

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Propeller Aircraft 

Jet Turbine

Turbine Jets

EDF Jets

EPO Foam BNF & PNP Models

Electric Jets

Propeller Aircraft



Builders Kits

Completed Aircraft

Completed & Custom Built Aircraft


Pilot Figures & Scale Detailing


Electric Motors & ESC's

Mufflers & Mounts

Tanks, Fuel Line, Pumps, Filters etc.

Fuels, Oils & Smoke

Plugs, Starters, Kill Switches etc.

Radio, Receivers & Gyros

Servos, Leads & Switches etc.

Quality Radio, Receivers & Gyro's

Powerbox & Emcotec


Propellers & Spinners

Wheels & Retracts 


Batteries & Chargers

Quality Trades - New & Used

Tools, Stands & Equipment

Batteries, Chargers & Accessories

Building Materials

Clevis's, Horns, Connectors etc.


In Stock Now - Legacy Aviation Extreme Turbo Duster, Bushmaster, Muscle Coupe  Extreme Flight MXS "Heavy Metal" Topflite Spitfire, Zero, P47, AT6, Corsair, FW190, Cessna 182. Hangar 9 Corsair, P51, Valiant, Ultra Stick, RV4, X-Cub, Beaver, Super Cub, Cub Crafters X-Cub, Floats, Cirrus, Carbon Cub, Robbe Cyclone, Calima, Monsun, Mistral, Rat EFlite Timber, S Cub, EDF Phantom, EDF Havoc, EC-1500 TopModel Sport, Malabu. Graupner B209, Jodel Robin. Premier Aircraft Yak 54, Mamba 70 Pitts, Cessna, RV8, Ventique. Great Planes Stearman, Citabria, Cirrus, Blackhorse Models Wilga, Chipmunk, Ryan,  Wilga, Seagull Maxford USA Albatros, Nieuport, Gee Bee, Evolution 33 Evo 20Gx2, Evo 15, Evo 8, Saito FG-90r3, FG-60r3, FG-33r3, FG-19r3, FG-61 TS, FG-40, FG-30, FG-21, FA-62, FA-82, FA-100, FA-180, FA-125, FA-182T FA-120r3 DLE  222, 170, 120, 61, 60 Twin, 55RA, 40 Twin, 35RA, 30, 20RA. OS 46AX, 55AX, 65AX, IL300, Moki 100 Twin, NGH GF60i2 ASPFutaba 18SZ, 16SZ, 12K, 10J, 6K. Futaba Servos & Receivers. Spectrum iX12, X9, DX8e, DX7, DX6,,  UnilightReal Flight Simulator. Robart, EFlite Retracts. Pilots Figures Warbird Pilots  Xoar, Biela, Metts Graupner, Rimfire, Hobbywing, Robbe, Sullivan, Dubro, Robbe, Master Airscrew, Emcotec, Powerbox Systems Sensor, Gemini, Evolution, Mercury Cockpit, iGyro. Keleo Collector Rings. Ripmax Xcalibur , Elan