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Pumps, Valves, Filters, Tanks etc.

3mm High Flow Tank/Jerry Can Fittings

Price $20 (2)

In Stock Now

MPJ & Dubro Kwik-Fill Valves

Gas & Glow variations (Gas red, Glow silver/black).

Price - $35 MP Jet Glow In Stock Now

Price - $45 Dubro Gas Out of Stock

Hangar 9 Fuel Filler & Drains

Filler/drain combo

Price $15

Expected Late May


Pilot Fuel Vent and  Remove Before Flight Flag & Stopper

Price $28

In Stock Now


Pilot Taxi Tank/Overflow Connector

Price $10 (Note Connector Only. To be purchased with Pilot Vent if required)

In Stock Now

Filling Pu​mps

DLE Rechargeable Electric Fuel Pump

  • Rechargeable (USB Cable Included)
  • High Volume - Flow 2L/minute
  • Filter, Line & Clunk included
  • JetA1, Gas. Nitro

Price $199

In Stock Now

Manual Filling Pumps

JetA1, Gas & Nitro

DLE  - Price $125 In Stock Now

CY - Price $30 In Stock Now

Fuel Tanks, Line & Filters etc.

Phoenix Tanks.jpg

Phoenix Model Clear Tanks

360ml $30 Note - 360ml are Planet Hobby

500ml $40

700ml $45

1000ml $50

In Stock Now

Large Dubro Tank

60 oz $45

80 oz $60

In Stock Now

Hangar 9 Filter

Price $15

In Stock Now

Saito F-1 Fuel Filter

High end water & dirt separation (for modelers who want only the best!)

Price $59

In Stock Now

Robbe Tygon.jpg

Robbe Tygon Tubing (Gas)

3.2mm ID $19 p/mtr

4.8mm ID $25 p/mtr

In Stock Now

OS Gas Filter.png

OS Fuel Filter (Gas)

Price $17

In Stock Now

Silicon Fuel Line

OS Speed 2.5mm ID - $11 (1000mm)

Perkins 3.0mm ID - $9 (1000mm)

In Stock Now


Gas ConversionFull Tank Fitting Kit

Price $15

In Stock Now

Gas Conversion

Stopper Only

Price $6

In Stock Now

OS Non Bubble Clunk Large.png

OS Non Bubble Clunk (Glow)

Price $20

In Stock Now

Large Gas & Turbine Model Filter Clunk (20mm)

Price $25

In Stock Now

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