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Starters & Tacho's


Large Engine Starter 

Great value 12v geared started for large engines up to circa 80cc. Used by Firebrand and highly recommended!

These starters are Mayatec with larger alloy cone and splined drive shaft. Cheaper brands are likely to have a smaller non-anodized cone (Mayatec can be readily identified by the branded anodized red cone).

Price $169

Expected Mid June

Replacement Alloy Cone with Insert - $49

In Stock Now

Hangar 9 HD Power Pro

12v Heavy Duty Starter. Starts up to 1.8cu/30cc

Price $109

In Stock Now

Hand Held Tachometer

GT Power. 2 - 9 Blades. Peak 99999rpm - Price $65

In Stock Now

Rxcel On-Board Tacho

Price $35

In Stock Now

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