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Glues, Resins, Covering, Paint & Building Materials

Glues, Resins Sealers

Avetek & Zap CA and Accelerator

2oz Thin or Med CA (Avetek) - Price $36

0.5oz Thin or Med CA (Zap) - Price  $11

Accelerator $21

In Stock Now

Deluxe Model Products Eze Dope or Avetek Eco Cover Water Based Dope

Price $30

In Stock Now

Avetek Cover Grip 

Price $25

Re-order Pending

Deluxe CA's & Accelerator

Rocket Odorless $25

In Stock Now




Deluxe Super Phatic

Water-based Thin CA Alternative

Price $25

Re-order Pending

Canopy Glue.jpg

Zap Canopy Glue

Price $15

In Stock Now

Deluxe Eze-Kote

Water based resin 500ml

Price $50

In Stock Now

BSI Industries Epoxy

128g 5 Min Price $44

In Stock Now

Loctite Hyson E-120.jpg

Loctite EA E-120HP Hysol (Ultra Strength)

50ml with 5 Mixing Tubes Price $60

In Stock Now

BSI 5min Epoxy.jpg

Liquid Gravity

Deluxe Model Products Liquid Gravity

Free rolling weight system

Net weight 240g

Price $28

In Stock Now


Bob Smith/Avetek

General purpose "Blue" -,10ml

Price $29

In Stock Now

Covering Material

Sig Koverall

Polyester based fabric.Shrinks tight with heat. Accepts common dopes & paints.

2 Yards (Width 60" Approx) Price $39

In Stock Now - Note 4 Yards Only Left.


White, Cub Yellow, Silver, Blue, True Red, Flame Red, Black, Light Grey & Corsair Blue carried as stock. Other colour's by special order

Price $50

Contact Us For Stock Status


Heat shrink iron fabric, ORATEX® states their product has twice the adhesive strength of conventional covering fabrics, has remarkable strength & can be painted. Width 60cm.

Silver (2m)

Orange (2m)

Golden Yellow (10m)

White (10m)

Stinson Red ( 3m)

Dark Blue (10m)

Light Grey (3m)

Price 2m $95

Price 3m $135

Price 10m $365

In Stock Now (Unless "Red")


Deluxe Model Lite

Balsa filler

Price $29

In Stock Now


25 Gram Superlight Fibreglass Cloth

2 m2

Price $45

In Stock Now

Milled Fibre

Price $20

In Stock Now

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