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Biplanes - Almost Ready to Fly (ARF's)

We stock a range of outstanding sport models from Great Planes & Hangar 9. If electric Sport Model is an option make sure you check out our Electric Models page also!

Maxford USA Stearman PT-17

This 1/5 scale, 77" span 20-30cc model of the PT-17 is sure to delight. A sitter for a radial such as the Saito Fg-33r3!

Price $1045

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Maxford USA Nieuport 28

The Nieuport 28 was a French biplane that was flown during World War I. The Maxford USA 1/5 scale model is finished in matt covering which set the model off nicely. Span 1720mm and all up weight approx. 5.5kg makes circa 20cc an ideal engine size.

Price $865

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Hangar 9‚Äč Giant Scale Pitts S2-B

This 71.6" span Pitts S2-B performs as well as it looks! Very capable but also suiable for intermediate level pilots. 50-60cc or EP equivalent. A large top-hatch makes any maintenance and battery changes simple, while providing easy access to electronic components. 3.5" spinner included. Quad ailerons. What makes this model even more special is it will accept the DLE60 or Saito FG-61 twin.  Video

Price $2295

In Stock Now

Premier Aircraft Mamba 70 & Mamba 120

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Sebart Miss Ultimate 50e

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