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Aeroba​tic/3D/F3A - Almost Ready to Fly (ARF's)

We have a range of IMAC & 3D models in stock from 46 Size through 120cc Giacnts!

Asked about a DLE & Savox Servo combo deal!

Sebart Sukhoi 29S 2.2 V2

The outstanding Sebart Sukhoi 29S is a premium quality extreme 3D model. 2200mm span and 50-60cc class. Just doesn't get better.

Price $2295

In Stock Now

PH009 Extra_300S.jpg
PH009 Extra_300S 1.jpg


Phoenix Models Extra 300S 46

No introduction of the Extra 300S required! This 46-55 size model delivers stunning looks and full capability in a convenient, compact & cost effective package. This model is a sitter for an OS 55AX (from Firebrand of course!)

- 57.2" span

- 46/55 size motor

Price $529

In Stock Now

PH047 Extra 330s 15cc 1.jpg


Phoenix Models 20/25cc Size Extra 330S 

No introduction of the Extra 330S required! This 62.3" span, 20cc model is capable of advance aerobatics and 3D.

Ideal DLE20RA, OS GT22, OS95AX or EP 

Price $599

In Stock Now

Phoenix Models 30-40cc Slick

The Phoenix SLICK 30/40cc 580 may be just what those looking for a mid-size IMAC model are after. Exceptional buying!

- Wingspan: 1857mm (73 in)

- Length: 1788mm (70.4 in) with spinner

- Flying weight: 5125-5325gr

- Carbon main gear (included)

- Spinner (included)

- Engine: 30-40cc gas engine (not included)

Price $999

In Stock Now

PH207 EXTRA 60cc-01.jpg


Phoenix Models 55-60cc Extra NG

The Phoenix 50/60cc 85" span, carbon Extra NG is quite possibly the best looking, best value 50/60cc class IMAC model available!

- Wingspan: 2159mm (85 in)

- Length: 2125mm (83.6 in) with spinner (included)

- Flying weight: 7750-7950gr

- Carbon main gear (included)

- Spinner (included)

- Engine: 50-60cc gas engine (not included)

Price $1395

In Stock Now

Mamba 70 Red New Image.jpg
Mamba 70 Red 7.jpg

Premier Aircraft Mamba 70

Based on a Pitts Model 12, the Mamba 70cc combines precise aerobatics and 3D in one. Designed by Kevin Kimbal and Quique Somenzini , several changes were made including the sleek cowl, more surface depth, and revised wing tips and ailerons. The Mamba 70cc has a surface area of ​​133.6dm² and a take-off weight of less than 8.6kg. This low wing loading enables precise 3D flight. The MAMBA combines 3D and F3A in one model! Quique has combined all of his many years of experience in F3A and 3D and the result is a superb model developed by a master. Span 1961mm and suits 55-70cc

Price $2795

In Stock Now

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