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Aeroba​tic/3D/F3A - Almost Ready to Fly (ARF's)

We carry premium brand Aerobatic models from AJ Aircraft, Sebart, Premier Aircraft, 3D Hobby/Extreme Flight & Legacy Aviation along with a couple of lower cost options from Seagull.

AJ Aircraft 103" Slick 540

AJ Aircraft" models are true high-end aerobatic models, designed by Andrew Jesky (AJ), one of the world's most renowned pilots. Carbon-Kevlar plywood construction. Pre-hinged/glued ailerons/elevators. Quality hardware. The Slick 540 is a 120cc model of the highest order. 103" span. Complete with 5" carbon spinner.

The 5 Star customer reviews say it all. 

- "Thank you AJ for this super good airplane👍🏻"

- "The AJ Slick is a great looking and flying bird!!! LOVE IT!!"

- "I have nothing but positive things to say. Definitely a homerun with this one!!!"

Price $3295

In Stock Now

Premier Aircraft Mamba 120 (by Flex Innovations)

Light weight, modern design with the latest 3D/aerobatic biplane knowledge from Quique Somenzini. allow a biplane experience not available anywhere else. Starting with a Model 12, officially licensed from Jim Kimball Enterprises, Quique Somenzini has made various changes to further refine the design and further perfect it as a 3D aerobatic model. Light wing loading and absolute minimum control coupling are key to great 3D performance and the Mamba 120 excels in this area. Span 2160mm and designed for circa 120cc. 

Laminated carbon fiber, fiberglass, plywood and balsa structure keeps the model lightweight, yet incredibly strong. Horizontal stabilizers are easily removed and the elevator servos are mounted in the stabs - no flying wires and no linkages to disconnect for transport. Airfoiled tail surfaces provide enhanced flight performance and strength. Interplane struts are quickly assembled or disassembled thanks to the retention pin design. Carbon fiber landing gear. This video of Seth Arnold flying the Mamba 120 is a must view! Video

Price $3650

In Stock Now

Sebart Sukhoi 29S 2.2 V2

With 4 sold to date we are pleased to be getting more stock of the outstanding Sebart Sukhoi 29S. Premium quality extreme 3D model. 2200mm span and 50-60cc class.

Price $2295

In Stock Now

3D Hobby Shop Edge 540 (by Extreme Flight)

Conventional construction 93" span, 55-70cc "high end" ARF for those who appreciate quality.

It doesn't come much better in this class of model.

Price $2095

Re-order Pending

AJ Aircraft Raven 

"AJ Aircraft" models are true high-end aerobatic models, designed by Andrew Jesky (AJ), one of the world's most renowned pilots. The models offer maximum performance with the best possible prefabrication.

The stunning Raven is 73" span & 35/40cc. High quality traditional construction with extensive use of carbon. Wing bags included! Refer AJ Customer Reviews on the Raven....."10 out of 10 from start to finish"

Price $1450

 In Stock Now

Extreme Flight Laser

Presenting the brand new Extreme Flight 74" Laser EXP V2! Use of composite G10/ply laminate, carbon stringers and spars reduces weight while adding strength and rigidity. The classic Laser may well be the ultimate aerobatic RC model in its class!

Price $1465

In Stock Now

Sebart Mythos 50e

Mytho S 50e by SEBART models from the hand of multiple champion Sebastiano Silvestri. These models are ultimate precision aircraft with incredible flight performance. Span 1580mm. Flight weight approx 2750g

Price $995

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Premier Aircraft Mamba 70

Based on a Pitts Model 12, the Mamba 70cc combines precise aerobatics and 3D in one. Designed by Kevin Kimbal and Quique Somenzini , several changes were made including the sleek cowl, more surface depth, and revised wing tips and ailerons. The Mamba 70cc has a surface area of ​​133.6dm² and a take-off weight of less than 8.6kg. This low wing loading enables precise 3D flight. The MAMBA combines 3D and F3A in one model! Quique has combined all of his many years of experience in F3A and 3D and the result is a superb model developed by a master. Span 1961mm and suits 55-70cc

Price $2295

In Stock Now

AJ Aircraft ARS 300

1.7m span. Stunning quality AJ ARS300. Ideal 6s 4000 - 5000mAh and 1900w plus EP. For a modeller who wants the best in a convenient size!

Price $1195

In Stock Now

Seagull Extra 50cc

Entry level large 3D/IMAC model from Seagull. 82" span 50/55cc.

Price $1269

Available Now

Seagull Edge 540

The Seagull 30cc Edge 540 is a mid size entry level value aerobatics model from Seagull. A fraction of the cost of the premium brands. 77.5" span. An Edge 540 is the "go to" 3D model of choice for many!

Price $565

In Stock Now

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