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Spark & Glow Plugs, Glow Igniters, Glow Drivers, Ignition Switches etc.

Tech-Aero Ignition Battery Eliminator Circuit

Firebrand is a Dealer for Tech-Aero in NZ. Eliminates need for a separate ignition battery, switching & kill system.

Price $105

Out of Stock

Rxcel Kill Switch

Type K1. Suitable all gas engines listed.

Price $35

In Stock Now

Spark Plugs

Saito 1/4-32 SP-1 Price $60 

In Stock Now

Saito 1/4-32 SP-2 Price $65

In Stock Now

Iridium 1/4-32 ME8 Price $45

In Stock Now

Iridium CM6 Price $40

In Stock Now

NGK CM6 $25

In Stock Now

Sullivan On-board Glow Driver

Manual "on override" or "throttle position activated". Hugely assists in a smooth and reliable idle.


Price - $185 Out of Stock


Price - $195 Out of Stock

OS Glow Plugs

No. 7 - Price $16 In Stock Now

No. 8 - Price $18 In Stock Now

Type F - Price $23 In Stock Now

Remote Glow Adapter

Price $25

In Stock Now

Pichler/RCXEL Onboard Glow Driver

Start voltage 1.4/Run 0.8

2s LiPo input (7.4v). 1800mAh 120min Run

Price - $50

Re-order Pending

Dymamite LiPo Glow Driver.jpg

Horizon Hobby Dynamite Glow Driver w/USB Charger

Regulated 1200mAh LiPo (1.5v) 

LiPo Price $89 

In Stock Now

OS Plug Wrench.png

Genuine OS Glow Wrench

Price $25

In Stock Now

DLE & OS Ignitions

Please call

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