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Spektrum & Futaba


NX6, NX8 & NX10

Latest 6, 8 and 10 channel radios for the sport pilot.

High-resolution, backlit, 3.2” color display screen

Wi-Fi connectivity for easy product registration, model downloads and firmware updates

3.7V 2000 mAh 1S Lithium Ion transmitter battery included

Integrated serial port for supporting 3rd party modules

USB port for charging and data transfer, and for use with any simulator that supports USB game controllers (including the RealFlight® RC Flight Simulator)

Folding dual diversity antenna

Price NX6 TX Only $699 $669 In Stock Now

Price NX8 with AR8020T $915 Available Now

Price NX10 TX Only $1345 Available Now


DX6e - TX Only

Great value entry level computer radio. Huge model memory, DSMX.  

Price $559

In Stock Now (Mode 2)

DX7e - TX Only

Great value modern design new release entry level computer radio with 2200mAh TX USB chargeable battery. Huge model memory, DSMX.  

Price $689

Available Now (Mode 2)


Latest TX from Spektrum

20 channels

Backlit 5", 800x480 display screen with multiple color palette choices and user customizable colors.

Wi-Fi connectivity for easy product registration and firmware updates.

Smart Technology compatibility.

3.7V 10500mAh 1S Lithium Ion transmitter battery and a magnetic USB Cable and USB-C Adapter for convenient USB charging.

Airplane, sailplane, multi-rotor, and helicopter programming.

250 model memory.

For full spec's Click Here

Please email for the best price!

Available Now

Futaba 16IZ.jpg

Futaba 16IZ

Perhaps the best value mid-range radio available! Touch screen programming. USB charge TX battery. 

Price $1149

Out of Stock




8+ channel RX. 2.4 GHz. T-FHSS.

Price $170

In Stock Now


6+ channel RX. 2.4 GHz. T-FHSS.

Price $145 

Out of Stock

Futaba R7003SB

FASSTest 2.4GHz Bidirectional S.BUS2/S.BUS Port Receiver.

Price $225

Out of Stock


7 channel RX. 2.4 GHz. FASST.

Price  $195

Out of Stock


FASSTest 2.4GHz Bidirectional BUS2/S.BUS Port and Conventional System Receiver.

R7108 Price $280

Out of Stock


FASTest 14 Channel S.Bus. New release.

Price $385

Out of Stock



6 Channel full range sport RX's

The 6610T (pictured) is a full range telemetry RX. SRXL2 Port for additional SRXL2 Remote Receiver if desired ($90)

AR6610T - Price $190 

In Stock Now


8 Channel full range RX with integrated telemetry. SRXL2 Port for additional SRXL2 Remote Receiver if desired ($90)

Price $205

In Stock Now


10 Channel full range with telemetry. SRXL2 Port for additional SRXL2 Remote Receiver if desired ($90)

Price $290

Available Now

AR10400T, 14400T & 20400T

PowerSafe™ redundancy. Dual battery input ports. 10/14/20 channel. Continuous capacity 35A (50A burst). Includes 4 satellite RX's, leads, soft switch. 

Price From $790

Special Order


Powerbox iGyro 3Xtra

The iGyro Xtra is the choice of those who demand the best. The control characteristics are identical to those of the iGyro SRS. The iGyro 3Xtra is looped between the receiver and servos, and its gain can be adjusted in flight if an auxiliary channel is assigned to it. Video

Price $510

In Stock Now

Dualsky S.Bus Hub

Dualsky S.Bus 18 Channel 20 Amp Capacity Expander

Signal is converted into PWM and outputs up to 18 channels. Power is routed direct to the Hub which can handle a current of max. 20A.

Price $125

In Stock Now

Futaba S.Bus Decoders & Hubs

SBD-2 S.Bus Decoder (8 Servos)

Allows non S.Bus/S.Bus2 servos to be used in an S.Bus system.

Price $175

In Stock Now

SBD-1 S.Bus Decoder (3 Channels)

Allows 3 servos to be be programmed to specific channels.

Price $95

In Stock Now

S.Bus Channel Setter

Used for setting channels to S.Bus servos and decoders of the Futaba

S.Bus system -1 S.Bus Channel Setter

Price $60

In Stock Now

SBus Terminal Box

Price $30

In Stock Now

TX Cases



Price $189 

In Stock Now

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