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Powered Gliders 

We are a Robbe Dealer so if we can help you into a stunning Robbe Glider we will!


Robbe Saphire 2.8m PNP

The SAPPHIRE is the new thermal and all-round glider at Robbe Modellsport. The V-tail increases its maneuverability when thermal circling. Servos installed. Ro-Power Torque motor optimized for 4S installed. 13/7 Carbon Prop. Just add ESC (Robbe 6-60 in stock).

4s 2300 recommended. 

Price $1639

In Stock Now

Robbe EPO Foam PNP 2.1m SZD-54 Aerobatic Power Glider

Like the original, the well-known two-seater school and performance glider, the Robbe model of the SZD-54 has the necessary characteristics of a training machine, but it also satisfies the increased demands placed on an aerobatic glider. For the advanced beginner, a low basic speed and a high profiling have a positive effect on the behavior of the model during training flights - the extremely stable wings, the full-gas strength and a climbing angle under full load of approx. 80 degrees make the SZD-54 an aerobatic performance glider that will appeal to even experienced pilots. The SZD-54 stands out from many EPO foam models of this class due to these extraordinary characteristics, combined with a wingspan of more than 2.1 meters and an elegant, model-inspired lines of the trunk and narrow wings.

Fuselage, cab cover, wing and tail fin in foamed construction (epoxy foam)

Carbon- and fiberglass-reinforced wings with plug-in winglets

4 x 9g Servos

30A 2-3s ESC

Brushless 2820 Motor, prop and hub

2120mm Span

Suits 3s LiPo 1800-2200mAh.

Price $495

Out of Stock

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