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Powered Gliders - Almost Ready to Fly (ARF's) & "Plug N Play" (PNP)

As a Robbe Dealer and carry several of their amazing powered gliders. All the Robbe gliders we stock are "PNP" models meaning you get a factory installed motor and servo's.  All models are simply stunning!

We also carry the TopModel "Sport" combo'd with a matching premium AXI motor & Aeronaut Prop/Spinner.

Robbe Calima 4m PNP

The CALIMA is the new thermal and all-round giant from Robbe. Attachable tiplets and therefore easily variable in its wingspan of 3.8 to 4.3m. It can therefore be adapted to different conditions and requirements of the pilot. The pendulum elevator is simply held in place by magnets on the fuselage. PNP, it version comes with Ro-Power motor, prop, spinner, MG BB servos, electrical connectors and multilocks. The fully covered wings are constructed of a styro core, glass fibre layers, Abachi planking and a carbon fibre reinforced spar. 4s 3000mAh plus recommended with ESC of choice.

Price $2195

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Robbe Tomahawk Cyclone 5.5m PNP

Relaxing big ass glider fun all day long! The Tomahawk Cyclone has 5.5m wingspan. Ideal for thermal soaring or cliff flying. Styro core, sheeted & reinforced wings. Two-piece fuselage made of GRP/Kevlar. Covered with ORACOVER. Ro-Power 5030 310 K/V BL motor installed. ROVOR S0150 MG BB servos built in. CFK 20x8 carbon folding propeller & aluminium spinner. Add ESC of your choice. Runs 4-5000mAh 6s.

Price $2695 $2495

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Robbe K Rat 2m PNP

The K Rat is suitable for fast flights, aerobatics and thermals. Ro-Power motor & servos pre-installed. Prop & alloy spinner. Forgiving flight characteristics. Great all rounder. Suit 4S.

Price $995 $895

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Robbe Monsun 3m PNP

Span 2990mm and total weight under 3kg. The construction of the wing is very robust around a foam core with abachi sheeting and reinforced wing joiners. This allows you to fly high speed maneuvers under high load.

Two-piece, ready-covered Oracover® wing. Himax C3526-870 K/V motor. Tomahawk TDS MG servos. 12x8" carbon folding propeller & 38mm Turbo Spinner. Add ESC of choice. 3000mAh plus 4s recommended.

Price $1465 $1395

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Robbe RAT Pylon PNP

The "RAT" is an elegant and form-fitting pylon speed model for the experienced pilot with a need for speed!

"RAT" likes it really fast! Preferably in low aerodrome overflights to amaze the spectators. The colorful and elaborate design helps to achieve good flight attitude recognition. Full GRP. 1.3m span. Powerful RoPower X36, Robbe MG servos, Prop & Alloy Spinner. Suits 4S.

Price $1150 $950

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Robbe Large Power Glider Launch Dolly

Starter car for glider models up to approx. 15 kg take-off weight, complete with wheels.

Height of the support surface approx. 42 cm above the ground, track width 33 cm.

Price $250 or $195 when purchased with a Calima or Cyclone PNP Power Glider

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Aeronaut Props


From $30

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Aeronaut 40/5 Spinner

Price $50

In Stock

Aeronaut 47/8 Folding Prop Hub

Price $20

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