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Stands, Tools & Equipment

Aveteck Stand.jpg
Aveteck Stand RBRC.jpg

Avetek FirebrandAeroRC Model Stand

Laser cut from 18mm plywood and foam strips glued to the arms and base. Very versatile and suitable  planes of all shapes & sizes from 40 Size  through Giant Scale. Arms included.

Price $149

In Stock Now

Extron Pro Detailer

Ideal for hard-to-reach places, small details, decorative strips etc. 2 teflon coated shoes - curved/round & flat.

Stage 1 (LOW) = approx. 100°C

Level 2 (HI) = approx. 150°C

Price $129 w/NZ Plug Adaptor

In Stock Now

Proxxon Micro Circular Saw

230v. Toothed belt. Cut wood to 8mm. Flat-milled worktop die-cast alloy (160 x 160mm).

Price $359 plus NZ Plug Adaptor $9

In Stock Now

Spare Blades - Standard Super Cut $35

Proxxon 12/E Jig Saw

12v micro jig saw.

Price $140

Special Order

Proxxon Micro Cutter

230v. When the Dremel just wont cut it, straight anyway!

Price $195

In Stock Now

CY UFO Sealing Iron

Price $125 with NZ Plug Adaptor

Out of Stock

Kavan Digital Iron

Temperature can be set from 100-220°C. Via the integrated LCD display. 230v

Note - Kavan is European (hence Euro Plug). Adaptors to NZ in stock if required.

Price $149 (plus European/NZ Plug Adapter $15)

In Stock Now

Iron Sock.jpg

Simprop Iron Socks

Price $18

In Stock Now

Brand may vary from picture

Power Panel

Approx 150mm x 90mm

Price $55

In Stock Now

Dubro Kwik Hinger Slotter

Price $30

In Stock Now

Robart Hinge Point Jig

Price $20

Re-order Pending

Multiplex Center of Gravity Machine

Suitable for models up to approximately 10kg. Measure 30-150mm from leading edge.

Price $160

In Stock Now

Prop Balancer

Price $45

Out of Stock

Great Planes Dead Center Hole Locator

We wouldn't be without this tool...

Price $28

No Longer Available

Robart Precision Incidence Meter V2 (For Smartphone Use)

A must for the serious builder (scratch or builders kits)

Price $100

In Stock Now

90cm Extension Bar

Price $50

In Stock Now

Prop Reamers

MBL Metric - Price $20

Re-order Pending

GP's Imperial - Price $30

In Stock Now

K&S Taps & Dies

4-40, 6-32, 8-32, M3 & M4

Price $25

In Stock Now

Tap Handle

Price - $30

In Stock Now

OS Plug Wrench.png

Genuine OS Plug Wrench

Price $25

In Stock Now

DLE Drill Guide.jpg

DLE Prop Drilling Guides

35, 55 & 120 

Price $35

In Stock Now

Dynamite 5 Piece Hex Sets

Metric Hex Driver Set (1.5, 2. 2.5, 3, 4)  $37

In Stock Now

Sullivan Wheel Chocks

A tidy and convenient way to stop you model rolling around in the back of your vehicle, on the workbench etc.

Wheel size up to 5".

Price $45

Out of Stock

Duratrax Body Reamer

Price $25

In Stock Now

Other Tools:

  • Canopy Scissors
  • Hobby Knives & Blades
  • Mini Spanners
  • Snips...and more.

    Please call!

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