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Turbine Aircraft

Phoenix BAE Hawk

The BAE Hawk is one of the most popular scale RC jets ever produced. 

The Phoenix ARF has been developed to meet the need for an attractive, easy to fly yet fully aerobatic jet sport model suitable for a wide range of turbines with thrust levels of between 80 Newtons (8Kg) and 100 Newtons (10Kg) at an affordable price. 

Technical data:

- Wingspan: 1830mm (72 in)

- Length: 1765mm (70 in)

- Flying weight: 9800-10000g

- Electric Retract Gear (included) with controller box (included)


- Electric Retract with CNC Full Metal Suspension Fork Gear included

- Fuel Tank

- Tail Pipe

- Cockpit detail

- Removable Top Hatch Canopy

- Strong Light Weight Construction

- Superb flying characteristics, plus an accurate scale outline

- High-quality hardware package included

Price $1695

In Stock Now - Last One!


The 2023 Release  Viper is  2100mm span, 10-14N turbine is a sure fire winner!.

Delivery includes electric retractable landing gear including brakes.

* Functional landing flaps

* Electric retractable landing gear and scale landing gear

* Electronic landing gear brakes

* Extensive accessories, richly illustrated instructions

Technical data:

Wingspan = 2000mm

Takeoff Weight = 14.2 to 14.8kg 

Price $2795

Expected Late December

Phoenix Model Viper - New Release 2023!

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