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Blackhorse Models

Pilatus PC9

Blackhorse Models Pilatus PC9

Stunning 2 piece wing, 2m span model by Blackhorse. 35cc or EP equivalent. Retractable undercarriage included (pneumatic). Being a turbo prop, this model is particularly suited to electric power for a realistic sound! Detailing looks superb. See video - says it all!

Price $1950

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Blackhorse Chipmunk

85.4" span. 35 - 45cc.  Everyone loves the "Chippy"! A forgiving low wing warbird without the cost/complexity of retracts. This has been one of Firebrands most popular ARF's. 


Price $1595

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Topflite 60 Size Corsair

Ideal for 60/120 size motors. 62.5" span and a flying weight of around 9lbs make this model a great option for the Saito 19R3 gas radial. Required rotate retracts (EFlite in stock $415) Video

Price $995

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Topflite AT6

69" span and complete with retracts.  Will fly nicely on a 60 2 stroke, but a 91 to 120 4 stroke glow or 15-20cc gas motor would be our choice. If budget permits the Saito 19R3 Radial would be amazing! Video

ARF Price $850

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Topflite Giant Scale Spitfire w/Robart Electric Scale Mains Retracts

Firebrand imported 4 of these gorgeous models prior to them being discontinued. Firebrand held one back but has decided to let it go. There is no more!  50-60cc. 86.5" span.

ARF/Mains Robart Electric Retracts Price - $3595
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Note only available as an ARF & Retracts Combo


Topflite Giant Scale P47 Razorback w/Robart Electric Scale Mains Retracts
50 - 55cc. 85" Span. Huge presence. The big wing cord at the root and thick airfoil make the P47 an forgiving warbird. Video
ARF/Mains Robart Electric Retracts Price - $3395
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Note only available as an ARF & Retracts Combo


Topflite Giant Scale 50/60cc Zero
86" span. Quality model & very well mannered. Robart 5" "no spoke" alloys, scale 3 blade spinner & Biela 20x10 scale props, and drop tank kit also in stock. 
ARF/Mains Robart Electric Retracts Price - $3495
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Note only available as ARF & Retracts Combo

Hangar 9

Hangar 9 60cc Corsair

Hangar 9 60cc Corsair w/Robart Electric Scale Mains/Tail Retracts, White Powder Coated Main Wheels, Drop Tanks

Big warbird fans will know this model is nothing short of exceptional. Build to highest standards and simply stunning. Sadly now discontinued. Firebrand held one back on the news, but has now decided to make it available for purchase. 85.5" span, 3 piece wing. Saito FG-90r3 Radial recommended!

Price - ARF/Retracts/Wheel/Drop Tanks Combo - $4495

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Note only available as combo

KI-43 Oscar

Hangar 9 KI-43 Oscar

88" span. 50/60cc. Will accept the Saito FG-90 radial.

Available as ARF only (to which you can add heavy duty Robart Electric Retracts & Oleos which Firebrand stocks) or as a ARF & Hangar 9 air retract "combo".

Price $2360 ARF only or $2990 ARF/Hangar 9 Air Retract Combo

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Hangar 9 Hellcat 

64" span, 15-20cc. Sport model performance and forgiving manners in a warbird! Two piece wing. Flaps & larger top hatch. Comes with fixed gear. Drop in EFlite retracts option (in stock). Excellent first warbird choice

Watch the video and you will be sold! Video

Price $695 $630

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Hangar 9 20cc P51

Everyone loves the P51. 69.5" span 20cc is sure to be a winner. Just check out the video and you will want one. Semi-symmetrical wing provides graceful aerobatics and the large flaps perfect for setting up a slow stable approach and landing. 2 piece wing. Large top hatch. Fixed gear provided including oleo's.  Video

Retracts Price $395

ARF Price $995

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Hangar 9 20cc P47

Big wing area, super friendly vice free warbird that flies more like a sport plane!  67" span and suitable 20cc. 2 piece wing. Large top hatch. Flaps. Fixed gear provided. EFlite retracts in stock ($395).  Video

ARF Price $995

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