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Warbirds - Almost Rea​dy to Fly (ARF's)

We stock Topflite, Hangar 9, Seagull & Blackhorse Models warbirds!

Seagull Spitfire

35-50cc, 79.9" span and complete with mechanical retracts - this is a lot of classic warbird for the money!

Price $930 $855

In Stock Now

Great Planes PT-19

PT-19s turned thousands of raw recruits into combat-ready fighter pilots for WWII. We have limited stock of the stunning, convienent 46 size model from Great Planes. This "5 star" model is built from quality materials and of the standard Great Planes is renowned for. Designed for 46/62 glow or EP. 56.5" span. Click here for full details. Video

Price $445

In Stock Now

Hangar 9 50/60cc P51 "ARF/Retracts/Spinner Combo"

This 89" span, 3 piece wing P51 from Hangar 9 is a stunner with great detail and accuracy of lines. We are offering the following combo:


- EFlite Mains & Tailwheel Retracts

- 5.5" Alloy Spinner

- Spare Canopy

With a flying weight of about 13kg this is a very impressive model.

Price $4395

Expected Early July

Blackhorse Models Giant Scale P47

The Blackhorse P47 Thunderbolt has been done with great attention to detail. Majestic in the air. Quality retractable electric main gear with oleo's and tail wheel included. Ideal gas or electric, 50/65cc. Weathered finish adds realism. Approx 11kg. 2 piece wing for easy transport.


Price $3495 (including retracts)

In Stock Now

Seagull 35-50cc FW190

80" span and suitable 35-50cc. This is a big model - amazing value!

Price $1050 $895 with Mechanical Retracts

Price $1495 with upgrade Electric Retracts & Oleo's (plus standard mechanical set)

In Stock Now

Seagull 20cc Chipmunk

Always popular! 

80" span. Suits 20cc. 2 piece wing wing with flaps.

Price $835 $775

In Stock Now

Topflite Giant Scale P51

Fantastic giant scale warbird from Topflite with a reputation for build quality and manners that the low cost competitors just are even close to.

84.5" span, 50-60cc and 20-24lbs.

ARF includes 5" alloy parabolic P51 spinner. Robart scale retracts recommended.

Price $2095 plus Robart Electric Mains $895 = $2990.  Note - ARF/Mains Retracts combo sale only

In Stock Now

Seagull PT19

 79.5" span and suitable circa 20cc. Timeless classic to fly at a warbird meet without stress!

Price $875 $790

In Stock Now

Seagull YAK - 3U

60" span and suitable circa 20cc

Price $865 $835

Available Now

Seagull Morane Saulnier A-1

Giant 1/3 scale Morane Saulnier A-1 by Seagull. 103" span and circa 50cc.

Price $1699

Available Now

Seagull Skyraider

63" span 60 size model (10-15cc)

Price $795 $755

Available Now

Seagull Texan T-6

63" span and suitable 65/75 size motors. 

Price $770 $739

Available Now

Seagull Grasshopper

The Grasshopper is a Cub that you can fly at a warbird meet! 90" span and suitable 15-20cc

Price $995 $949

Available Now

Seagull Mosquito

80" span Mosquito from Seagull. 2 x 46/55 2 stroke or 56/62 4 stroke ideal.

Price $1015 $955

Available Now

Seagull AT6

46 size AT6/Harvard by Seagull. 63" span.

Price $610 $585

Available Now

Seagull T34 Mentor

This 75" span 20cc warbird from Seagull may be just the go if struggling with taildragger warbirds!

Price $839 $$779

Available Now

Seagull 46 Size P51

Compact 46 size P51 from Seagull. 56" span

Price $645 $619

Available Now

Seagull P47

63" span, and suitable 65/100 size glow motors or about 15cc gas.

Price $819 $770

Available Now

Seagull Lysander

118" span, Oratex (fabric) covering. 50cc. Huge value!

Price $1660 $1569

Available Now

Blackhorse 50cc Stuka

This Stuka will draw attention! A big true warbird without the expense of retracts! 2.3m span and a flying weight of circa 9kg makes for an impressive model.

Price $1895 

Currently Unavailable

Blackhorse 60 Size P47 Thunderbolt V2

The P47 needs no introduction. Well regarded brands of Thunderbolts are known to be one of the most forgiving true warbird mode-ls. The Blackhorse 15/20cc size model has a span of 1.62m.

Price $995

Currently Unavailable

Hangar 9 20cc P51

Everyone loves the P51. 69.5" span 20cc is sure to be a winner. Just check out the video and you will want one. Semi-symmetrical wing provides graceful aerobatics and the large flaps perfect for setting up a slow stable approach and landing. 2 piece wing. Large top hatch. Fixed gear provided including oleo's. EFlite retracts in stock.  Video

Price $1195 plus EFlite Retracts (we reserve the right to only sell as an ARF/Retracts Combo)

Expected October

EFlite  Corsair (1.2m BNF)

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