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Warbirds - Almost Rea​dy to Fly (ARF's)

We stock selected Phoenix Models, Hangar 9, Seagull & Blackhorse warbirds.

Ask about an OS or DLE Engine and Savox Servo Combo Deal!

PH149 STUKA-Ju87 1.jpg
PH149 STUKA-Ju87 2.jpg


Phoenix Models 20/25cc Stuka

This mid-size warbird stands out in the crowd and is a sitter for a DLE20RA, OS GT33 or a OS120/155 4 stroke. 75" span

Price $955

Expected Late December 2023


Phoenix Models 25-30cc Corsair

With its gull wing design, impressive looks and power, the F4U Corsair was one of the most recognizable WWII aircraft. Phoenix Model has recreated this outstanding value 20/25cc RC model of the F4U that comes complete with electric retracts!

- Wingspan: 1800mm (70.9 in)

- Length: 1467mm (57.7 in)

- Flying weight: 6000-6200 g

- Rotary Electric Retract with CNC Suspension Metal Struts

- Two-piece wing

- Removable hatch (canopy)

Price $1165

In Stock Now (Note - 1 Only Left)

Phoenix Models 30cc PC21

The Phoenix PILATUS PC21 is an easy-to-assemble, easy -to-fly blast! 

- Wingspan: 1772mm (69.72in)

- Length: 2019mm (79.5 in)

- Flying weight: 7.3 - 7.5 kg

- Electric Retract Gear with controller box (included).

- Spinner (included)

- Two piece wing

- Removable canopy for easy access

- Superb flying characteristics, plus an accurate scale outline

Optional Nav Hi Power LED Nav lights with Controller (In Stock)

Price $1670

In Stock Now

Phoenix Models Tucano 50-60cc

This giant scale 60cc Tucano has a great reputation for robust construction and great flying characteristics, wide speed range, slow landings and precise aerobatics. 

Electric retracts & landing gear are included and designed exclusively for this aircraft. Several Tucano's have fitted with the Kingtech TP45 (Turboprop). Awesome! 

This is a very impressive model and amazing value. Even heavy duty electric retracts are included in the price!

- Wingspan: 2567mm (101in)

- Length: 2190mm (86.2 in)

- Flying weight: 12-13 kg

- Electric Retracts with Oleos

- Spinner

- Separating fuselage and wing structure allows compact transportation

- Two-piece wing

- Removable canopy

- Superb flying characteristics, plus an accurate scale outline

- Optional Nav Hi Power LED Nav lights with Controller (In Stock)

Price Was $2385

In Stock Now


Phoenix Models Giant Corsair F4U

The Phoenix Corsair F4U 60cc ARF is built for the RC pilot who wants a giant-scale model that’s as versatile as it is realistic. Includes electric rotating retracts and tail gear!

Technical data:

- Wingspan: 2170mm (85.4in)

- Length: 1769mm (69.6 in)

- Flying weight: 10.2 – 10.5 kg

- Electric Retract Rotary CNC Suspension Metal Struts (Included)

- 50/65cc or 60-90cc Saito radial (Not Included)


- Superb flying characteristics, plus an accurate scale outline

- Functional three-panel flaps deploy using internal linkages

- Designed for compatibility with both GP and EP flight

- Removable access canopy

- Hardware package included

Price $2535

Expected Late December


Phoenix 20-30cc Zero

The Phoenix Models 20cc plus Zero is sure to be a winner! This easy flying mid size model will suit the novice warbird pilot at the expert alike. Comes complete with electric retracts!

- Wingspan: 1720mm (68 in)

- Length: 1430mm (56.3 in)

- Flying weight: 5300-5400g

- Electric Retract Gear & Controller 

- Removable Top Hatch Canopy

Price $1060

In Stock Now 

Phoenix Models 15cc P51

The Mustang P51 has been a favorite of R/C modelers for years. Phoenix has delivered another outstanding value, easy flying model with their 15-20cc P51, complete with electric retracts.

- Wingspan: 1572mm (61.9in) 

- Length: 1356mm (53.4 in)

- Flying weight: 4500- 4600g

- Electric Retract Gear & Controller 

- Spinner

- Large top hatch

- Superb flying characteristics

Price $845

In Stock Now

Phoenix Models 20-30cc Strega

Blackhorse Models Giant Scale P47

The Blackhorse P47 Thunderbolt has been done with great attention to detail. Majestic in the air. Heavy duty retractable electric main gear with oleo's and tail wheel included. Ideal gas or electric, 50/65cc. Weathered finish adds realism. Approx 11kg. 2 piece wing for easy transport.


Price $3250 (including HD e/retracts)

In Stock Now




Seagull 60cc Corsair with JP Retracts

This 2023 New Release model is the top end model in Seagulls range. 87" span and configured with 3 piece wing means it sits on the quality JP retracts for transport & storage. Great looking model!

Price $3795

Expected Mid December 2023 - Sorry, sold


The model some of us have been waiting for! This 50/55cc Spitfire from Seagull looks awesome!

Comes with heavy duty electric retracts and has an 86.4" span 2 piece wing.

Large top hatch. Its a winner!

Price $2340

In Stock Now


Seagull 55cc Spitfire with JP Retracts



Seagull 33cc Hurricane with JP Retracts

There 30/35cc Hurricane is going to be popular. Big wing and section and low wing loading (for a warbird) will inspire confidence! Quality JP retracts.

82" span and 35/40cc

Price $1465

In Stock Now


Phoenix Models 15cc P47

The P-47 Thunderbolt was perhaps the greatest warbird of World War II in terms of all round performance and capability. Phoenix Model has created an outstanding value 15cc P47 and is a great first warbird. Electric retracts included!

- Wingspan: 1631mm (64.2in)

- Length: 1375mm (54.1 in)

- Electric Retract Gear & Controller box (included).

- Two-piece wing for easy transport and setup at the field

- Removable canopy for easy change lipo battery and set up radio

- Superb flying characteristics, plus an accurate scale outline

Price $855

In Stock Now

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