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Switches & Battery Backers

Futaba HD Electronic RX Switch

Futaba Heavy Duty Electronic Switch Harness.

Dean's Male/Female Connector. 3.5-8.4v. 10A load rating. Suit large/giant scale aircraft.

Price $95

In Stock Now

Evolution HD RX Switch & Charge Socket

Price $30

Out of Stock

Robbe Standard RX Switch (with Charge Input)

Suitable for med size models using standard servos.

Price $15

In Stock Now

Hitec Universal Heavy Duty RX Switch (with Charge Input)

Suitable for med/larger scale aircraft.

Price $20

In Stock Now

Powerbox Sensor Switch Backer

See Powerbox & Emcotec

Powerbox Gemini II

See Powerbox & Emcotec

Emcotec DPSI Dual Battery Magnetic Switch

Regulates voltage to a constant 5.9v or 7.2v.

Heat sink. Magnetic on/off. No moving parts

that are vulnerable to failure through vibration, dirt & dust. Suitable large scale.

Price $225

In Stock Now

Dualsky VR Pro 10A Regulator/BEC 

High-end linear voltage regulator with fail-safe FSS-4 switch.

Input voltage: 5.3V -8.4V DC, Output voltage: 5 / 6 / 7.4V,

10A, 30 g 

Price $115

In Stock Now

Ignition Kill Switches & IBEC's

See Ignition/Glow Systems

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