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Motors, ESC's & Accessories

Great Planes

Rimfire 160 

10-12s, 250KV, 80A, 3200w

Price $395

Out of Stock

Rimfire 50cc

9-12s, 230KV, 135A, 3750w

Price $525

Out of Stock

EFlite Motors available by Special Order 

Robbe Ro-Power

4356 - 1000w 600KV 4-6s

Price $145

In Stock Now

Robbe Ro-Power

5052 - 1300w 410KV 5-6s

Price $155

In Stock Now

Robbe Ro-Power

5062 - 1600w 385KV 6s

Price $165

In Stock Now

Robbe Ro-Power

6354 - 1800w 370KV 6-8s

Price $245

In Stock Now

Robbe Ro-Power

6359 2400 w 350KV 6-8s

Price $255

Re-order Pending

Robbe Ro-Power Torque

6374 - 3000W 200KV 10-12s

Price $335

Special Order

Robbe Pro Control

6-80 3-6s 80A (100 Surge)

Price $165

Re-order Pending

6-130 3-6s 130A (150 Surge)

Price $195

In Stock Now

Pro Control Programming Module

Price $35

In Stock Now

Avian SMART 120

120A (140A) 6-14s

BEC 10A (25A) 6/7.4/8.4v

Price $405

Re-order Pending

Robbe RoControl


2-6s 60A (80 Surge)

Price $90 In Stock Now


2-6s 80A (100 Surge)

Price $120 In Stock Now

Programming Module

Price $35 In Stock Now


80Amp 2-6s 

Price $120

Out of Stock


Programming Card Value $20

with your Hornet 80A ESC while stock lasts!


Ro-Bec 6A

The Robbe RO-BEC is a very powerful separate power supply for RC models of all kinds.

In order to meet today's requirements, the switched power supplies have a selectable output voltage of 5, 6 or 7.4V for operation with HV servos. Input voltage range of 7-25.5 volts (2-6S LiPo) and achieve an efficiency of up to 93%.

Price $50

Out of Stock

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