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Giant PC6

BMK Giant PC6 Turboprop

Span's 3.2m and suitable 50-80cc (but we would modify to fit the Kingtech K45 Turboprop!). Easy build using a modular system with online "instructions". Approx 12kg finished.  Precisely laser-cut wooden parts. GRP cowl. Landing gear & hardware/small parts. As the flying weight suggests this is not a small kit! 
Price $1395

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Balsa USA

1/4 Scale J3 Cub

Balsa USA 1/4 Scale J3 Cub

Arguably the most recognizable light aircraft ever manufactured. If it’s yellow, its got to be a Cub! Balsa USA’s 1/4 scale model holds true to this fine tradition. No other Cub kit is as complete for the price. Accurate in outline and easy to build. The hardware package is absolutely complete with over 100 items. Precision cut parts. The Cub is the perfect choice for a modelers first 1/4 scale project. The two piece scale wing design comes apart easily, making the model simple to transport and set up. The flying characteristics are absolutely outstanding, just like the full scale Cub. The Balsa USA Cub is truly a great kit of a legendary aircraft

Price $845 $695

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Topflite Elder 40

This kit is a breeze to build, and the model is just gorgeous...we know because we have built  one and it still hangs from the hangar ceiling! 65" span and ideal for 40/46 2 stroke or 52/62 4 stroke. We recommend a small 4 stroke. And yes, we have have vintage wheels in stock to suit this kit! 

Price -  $425 $375 including Dubro Vintage Scale Wheels "Free"!

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