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Builders Kits

For the traditional builder we carry a select range of quality traditional builders kits (along with everything you will need to build your pride & joy!)

Sig King Kobra

The foam core wing and unique fuselage construction get you in the air fast with a model that looks as good as it flies! If you want a great performing model without spending a lot of money, it’s hard to beat a .60 size pattern plane. The King Kobra fly's great with a sport .60 R/C engine and it's big enough to dazzle the crowds and to easily see, even at extreme distances. If you want to up-spec this model up to the max, the building instructions include tips on tuned pipes and retracts. A fully symmetrical wing and airfoiled stabilizer make the King Kobra fly super smooth. It can make an average Sunday flier look like an expert! Span 58".

Price $595

Out of Stock

Sig 1/4 Scale J3 Cub

Sig's 1/4 scale J3 is a time tested winner. Always popular, easy to build and fly and will perform in a scale like manner with as little as a 120 size 4 stroke. 106" span 2 piece wing. Saito FA-182 4 Stroke Glow Twin would be out choice!

Price $995

In Stock Now

Trade-in Items

Also check out out Quality Trades page for traded Builders Kits that may be available.

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