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Quality Large Scale RC Aircraft, Engines & Accessories

Powerbox Sparkswitch Pro

Interference-free ignition switch. Regulated or unregulated output voltage. Suitable for 6.0V, 7.4V & 12V ignitions. Battery, Speed & Temperature.

Price - $225

Special Order

Powerbox Sensor Switch Backer

Regulates voltage to 5.9v. Heat sink. Dual micro controllers, two regulatory circuits, dual voltage monitoring.

Price $200

Re-order Pending

Powerbox Smoke Pump

All metal gear, variable flow, 750ml/min, 4-9v, no external valve required.

Price - $325

Special Order

Powerbox MagSensor

Modern zero contact electronic switch (magnetic) for Powerbox Backers

Price - $85

In Stock Now

Powerbox Regulator - 5.9v

Ideal for medium size models where you want to run a single battery LiFe or Lipo through a single switch 6v servos.

Price $75

In Stock Now

Powerbox Gemini II

Double regulated, magnetic and sensor switch, 5.9 & 7.4v output, large heat sink. Recommended for use in large scale models.  

Price - $285

Re-order Pending

Powerbox Baselog

Dual regulated Backer & Power Management System for high current drain applications. 5.9/7.4v output. 2 x 20 amp peak.

Price - $345 Special Order

Powerbox Evolution

Dual regulated Backer & Power Management System for high current drain large models, where duplicated channel outputs are required. 5.9/7.4v output. 2 x 20 amp peak. 

Price - $460

In Stock Now

Powerbox Cockpit SRS

Serial Receiver System, providing a facility to use dual RX's with a serial interface. Servo match. Programmable door sequencer making the Cockpit a fantastic choice in large warbirds & jets. 

Price - $890 Special Order

Powerbox Expander SRS

Enable use all TX channels. Dual receivers can be connected with the serial receiver system selecting any receiver and switching automatically in case of failure to the still working to receiver.

Price - $295

Re-order Pending

Powerbox Mercury (Integrated Backer, Distribution & Gyro)

Never has so much been packed into one unit. The Mercury combines the best of i3E & SRS Gyros with advanced Powerbox Backer & Power/Servo Distribution technology.

Price - $860

Re-order Pending

Powerbox GPS II

Latest generation GPS. Developed for all current Powerbox iGyro and Telemetry systems. Enables auto gain adjustment with speed variation. 

Price - $190

In Stock Now

Powerbox iGyro 1e

The high quality single axis gyro can be installed in any model where there is only a need to stabilize one axis. 

Price $175

In Stock Now

Powerbox iGyro 3Xtra

Control characteristics are identical to those of the iGyro SRS. The iGyro 3Xtra is looped between the receiver and servos, and its gain can be adjusted in flight if an auxiliary channel is assigned to it. 

Price $460

Re-order Pending

Powerbox BlueCom

IOS or Android

Price $95

In Stock Now

Powerbox Competition SRS

Serial Receiver System, providing a facility to use dual RX's with a serial interface. Servo match.

Price - $830

In Stock Now

Powerbox Pulse Amplifier

For long long servo lead extensions. No jitter!

Price $40

In Stock Now

Powerbox Systems Extension Leads & Connectors

Wide selection in stock including Deans, MPX & Universal RX. Please call/email with your requirements.

Price - Leads (Single Plug) $20

Price - Adaptors (Dual Plug) $25

Price - Wing Connectors $40

In Stock Now

Powerbox Micro Match

Allows 2 servos working together. Servo reverse function allows the direction of rotation of the servos to be reversed allowing mirror-inverted built-in elevator servos to be operated on one channel. Setting change via PB USB or Bluecom.

Price $75

In Stock Now


Emcotec Wing Connectors 

Price - 8 way $35

In Stock Now

Emcotec PWC4 Wing Connector

Top of the line. Locking connector. Rated 11A. continuous. 4 Servos.

Price $110

In Stock Now 

Emcotec Patch Cables

10 & 30cm

Price $10

In Stock Now

Emcotec DPSI Dual Battery Magnetic Switch

Regulates voltage to a constant 5.9v or 7.2v. Heat sink. Magnetic on/off. No moving parts that are vulnerable to failure through vibration, dirt & dust.

Price $175

In Stock Now

Emcotec Magnetic Switch

Single input/output with charge lead.

Price - $110

Re-order Pending