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Glow Fuel

Powerbox Blue Max

Big smoke, low mess. For those that will pay what it takes to avoid dirty, oily, smelly, polluting diesel/kero based home brews!

Price $90 (3 Litres)

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3.8 ltr

10% Nitro

18% Fully Synthetic

Price $52

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Power Model 

PowerModel 2T-S is full synthetic, high detergent oil for 2 stroke & 4 stroke air cooled gas engines. Specially designed to provide high temperature protection in extreme conditions of sustained high power/rpm running in restricted airflow environments. Easily blended with leaded/unleaded and recommended according to manufacturers recommendations. The first dedicated model engine oil that exceeds the film strength and cleanliness requirements of both JASO FD** and API TC* global 2 stroke oil standards. Suitable for 3W, DA, DLA, DLE, MOKI, OS, ZDZ, ZENOAH, NGH, MVVS, BME, & Saito engines..

Price $55 (500ml)

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After-Run Oil

Great Planes After-run Oil

Price $15

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