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Quality Large Scale RC Aircraft, Engines & Accessories

Aerobatic/3D Aircraft

Extreme Flight

Extreme Flight MXS "Heavy Metal" 30cc

1930mm span & 30-40cc. Weight saving components are used throughout, such as carbon fiber structural reinforcement, carbon fiber wing and stab mounting tubes, carbon fiber landing gear, titanium pushrods and a carbon fiber tail wheel assembly, all ensuring the lightest, most high performance aircraft possible. Accepts canister exhaust if desired.
Top quality, and very cool scheme!

Price $1550

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Extreme Flight MXS "Heavy Metal" 50e

Love the the EF "Heavy Metal" but short of space or budget? The 64" span 50E size 64" span is the answer! Same premium quality as larger brother.

Run 6S circa 4000mAh.

Price $995

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Mytho S 50e

Mytho S 50e

From multiple champion, Sebastiano Silvestri, the Mytho S is another precision model of the highest quality. 1580mm span.

Price $1075

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Wind S 50E 

Sebart Wind S 50e

The new Wind S was designed by champion Sebastiano Silvestri. It is a replica of his 2m size F3A World Championship plane. These models are the ultimate precision aircraft with incredible flight performance. Span 1580mm. As with all Sebart models, the Wind S is a very high quality ARF and simply stunning in all respects.

Price $995

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Sukhoi 50e

Sebart Sukhoi 50e

The Sukhoi was designed by champion Sebastiano Silvestri. Span 1560mm. 50 class. Stunning!

Price $995

Special Order

Miss Ultimate

Sebart Miss Ultimate 50e

Miss Ultimate offers the familiar Sebart features such as high quality workmanship, outstanding flight performance and much more. From the hand of multiple champion Sebastiano Silvestri, these models are the ultimate precision aircraft with incredible flight performance. Manufactured in mixed wood construction with many GRP parts and extensive accessories. 1500mm span and approx weight of 3750g.
Price $1195 
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Edge 540

Sebart Edge 540 

Designed by the champion Sebastiano Silvestri! Precision aircraft with an unbelievable flying performance. Highest quality and for those who demand the best. 30/40cc or 160/180 EP. 2000mm span.

Price $1525

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Sebart Sukhoi 29 S 

2.2m span & 50/55cc. From the hands of Champion Sebastiano Silvestri. This is a precision aircraft with exceptional flight performance. This is one of the finest ARF's we have seen. Very high quality. Simply outstanding. 


Price $2240

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Premier Aircraft

Ventique 60e

Premier Aircraft Ventique 60e

Designed by Quique Somenzini, 4 time TOC Champion and F3A World Champion. Premier Aircraft make ARF's of stunning quality. The Ventique features lightweight balsa, plywood, and carbon construction and innovative aerodynamics to offer extreme performance and predictable and precise handling. 1600mm span and designed for 60 size EP. The innovative 'Shark Teeth' leading edge softens the stall at the tip and helps reduce wing rock. Light wing loading is key to great 3D performance. The careful design and manufacture, and features like carbon landing gear, and carbon spar assure performance in 3D maneuvers like harriers and hovering.

Price $895

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Mamba 70

Mamba 70

Based on the Pitts Model 12 (arguably the BEST biplane ever designed). Kevin Kimball and world champion Quique Somenzini perfected the design it as a 3D model. Stunning quality. Light wing loading & minimum control coupling are key to 3D performance. 77.2" span, 2070 sq. in. wing area and less than 19 pounds. Customers who have purchased the Yak 54 have experienced the exceptional quality of Premier Aircraft models. QQ Flies the Mamba 70 Video

Price $2325

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Legacy Aviation by Extreme Flight

Legacy Aviation Turbo Duster 65

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Legacy Aviation Bushmaster 84

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Hangar 9


Hangar 9 Inverza 62

Super good looking model. 88" span and about 7.7kg. 50/60cc.

Sadly Hangar 9 have discontinued the Inverza so if you like this model don't delay.

Price $1850

Under Option