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Quality EPO "Foamies" - Bind N Fly (BNF)

EFlite "BNF" & "PNP" are recommended as great Park Flyers. We carry a limited range for fun models down at the park or in the back paddock (the "Timber X") and as great first models for the newcomer (the "Valiant"). If you are looking for one of the many other models in the EFlite range let us know. We are an EFlite Dealer so if its available we will sort it!


EFlite Timber X BNF

The E-flite Timber X 1.2m unleashes a new era of STOL plus 3D aerobatic capability. Based on the extremely popular Timber 1.5m model but featuring a new wing design, oversized control surfaces plus a 3S and 4S compatible power system, it offers an even wider flight envelope to deliver a truly “mild to wild” experience. You can even install the included leading edge slats for improved slow flight performance. Add in the LED landing, navigation and strobe lights plus many of the other popular features of the original, and the Timber X is a model almost every pilot can appreciate and enjoy! 1.2m span. AR636 AS3X RX, motor. prop & ESC included. 3-4S 2200-3200mAh LiPo recommended.

Price $569

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EFlite Valiant BNF w/AS3X & SS (SAFE Select)

1.3m span. The factory-installed 3S compatible brushless motor delivers plenty of performance. Spektrum receiver integrated with AS3X® (Artificial Stabilization) technology to smooth out the effects of wind and turbulence for the remarkable sense of stability. SAFE® Select flight protection can be enabled for auto leveling when sticks released. 3s 2200mAh recommended

Price $435

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EFlite Extra 300 BNF w/AS3X & SS (Safe Select)

The full-scale Extra 300 delivers incredible aerobatic performance that offers virtually unlimited potential, which is why it’s been a game changer for nearly three decades now. Variants have been flown to first place finishes in a long list of competitions, including at a number of world championships. The E-flite® Extra 300 3D 1.3m model delivers unbelievable aerobatic and 3D capabilities while also being easy to fly with exclusive AS3X® and SAFE® Select technologies. 3 or 4S circa 3000mAh recommended (4S for 3D).

Price $740

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EFlite Air Tractor BNF w/AS3X & SS (Safe Select)

Air Tractor ag and utility airplanes have earned a reputation for friendly handling, incredible capabilities and unmatched versatility. The E-flite® Air Tractor 1.5m scale replica is a perfect scale low-wing model for intermediate to experienced RC pilots. Fantastic scale and sport aerobatic flight performance with 3S 2200-3200mAh LiPo or unlimited vertical performance with a 4S. Functional slotted flaps ,robust landing gear and wheels with oversized tires. Excellent visibility accented by LED navigation, strobe and landing lights. 

Price $670

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EFlite Conscendo Evolution

The Conscendo Evolution 1.5m powered glider is now better equipped to deliver higher speeds and even higher energy aerobatic performance, yet it's still as easy and fun to sport fly and soar as ever before. With a 3S LiPo battery, the factory-installed brushless power system featuring a 30-amp telemetry-capable ESC, specially tuned outrunner motor and folding prop delivers plenty of thrust for fast climbs to soaring altitude, sport flying and aerobatics. Using a 4S battery, it delivers even more speed and thrust for unlimited vertical performance. Spektrum™ AR637TA receiver featuring exclusive AS3X® and optional-use SAFE® Select technologies.

Price $459

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