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Quality Large Scale RC Aircraft, Engines & Accessories



Saito FG-73 (Gas)

73cc 5 cylinder gas radial

Price $4820 $4450

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Saito FG-90R3 (Gas).

Price $3420 $3350

In Transit

Saito FG-60R3 (Gas)

Price $2495 $2370

In Transit

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Saito FG-33R3 (Gas)

Price $2295 $2195

In Stock Now

Saito FG-19R3 (Gas)

Price $1995 $1895

In Stock Now

Saito FG-61 (Gas)

Price $2350

In Stock Now

Saito FG-40B (Gas)

Price $1595 $1495

In Stock Now

Saito FG-30, FG-36

Saito FG-30B (Gas)

Price  $1350 $1295

In Stock Now

Saito FG-21B (Gas)

Price $1075

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Note: FG-17 available by Special Order 

Saito FA-182TD (Glow)

Price $1395

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Saito FA-120r3 (Glow)

Price $1385 $1295

In Stock Now

Saito FA-180 (Glow)

Price $995

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Saito FA-125 (Glow)

Price $765

In Transit

Saito FA-100 (Glow)

Price $635

In Stock Now

Saito FA-82 (Glow)

Price $610

On Backorder

Saito FA-62 (Glow)

Price $560

In Transit

Note: FA-40 Available by Special Order

Radial Collector Rings

For a Keleo Collector Ring to fit your new Saito Radial see Mufflers & Mounts!



Popular with many scale modellers who want a 4 stroke gas motor that won't break the Bank! The GF30 meets the requirements at about half the price of the Saito FG30.

Price $675

In Stock Now

NGH GF60i2

This new release 60cc motor from NGH is a big move away its traditional low cost 2 & 4 stroke motors and fills a void in the inline twin for 50cc class models! A sitter for a big Spitfire, P51 or P40 up to about 25 pounds MAUW. Very nice looking motor!

Price $2295

Available by special order


Evolution 8GX (Gas)

Price $440

In Stock Now


DLE 20RA (Gas)

Price $525 $489

In Stock Now

DLE 30 (Gas)

Price $550

Special Order

DLE 35RA (Gas)

Price $625 $599
In Stock Now

DLE 55RA (Gas)

Price $765 $739

In Stock Now

DLE65 (Gas)

Price $875

On Order

DLE 40 (Gas)

Price $895

On Order

DLE 60 Gas Twin

Price $1050

In Stock Now

DLE 120 (Gas)

Price $1395

Re-order Pending

DLE 170 (Gas)

Price $2050

Special Order

DLE 222 (Gas)

Price $3550

Special Order

DLE Canisters

See Mufflers & Mounts

Genuine DLE Spares

Ignitions From $145

Bearings From $15

Carbs From $60

Sensor $15

Gasket Set From $15

In Stock (for 20RA, 40T, 35RA & 55RA - Others by Special Order) 


OS 46AX II (Glow)

Price $320

In Stock Now