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Quality Large Scale RC Aircraft, Engines & Accessories

FirebrandAeroRC Custom Built & Completed Aircraft

The models listed below have been custom built by Firebrand (or associates), or been purchased/traded and refurbished as required by us before offering for resale. If you want a high quality completed model you have come to the right place!

Great Planes Factor 38 3D

Great Planes Factor 38 3D

Originally supplied all new by Firebrand, this mint little model was re-traded after just a couple of flights on a larger 3D model. With a span of only 38" this beautiful little model cab fit assembled in boot or back seat of even a small car assembled & ready to go.

Fitted with Robbe motor and ESC and Savox 225 MG micro servos. Suit new plane buyer.

Retail as spec'd was about $695. At asking price this model about the same $$$'s as a decent quality EFlite or similar PNP EPO foamy! Just add 2200 3s LiPo & RX.

Price $435

Topflite Giant Scale P51

Topflite Giant P51 - Fully Refurbished & Ready to Maiden!

The airframe (originally built by a Hamilton modeler) sat as traded by Firebrand for some time before finally getting a full refurbishment. Original Monokote covering was striped and redone in 21st Century Covertex, detailed, weathered and sprayed in flat clear. Robart electric retracts fitted with stunning new Robart Spoked Alloys, new DLE55RA, new Savox Servos, Beila 4B Composite WW2 Prop, all new wiring including Emcotec Wing Plugs and quality hardware including Sullivan Control Horns. This is a totally unique model with custom finish/detail. This was not meant to be a "Top Gun" scale winning model, just a really cool and different large P51 finished to a high standard for those who prefer traditional builds and something other than the plastic film covering on a typical ARF. To replace this model as spec'd (with an ARF equivalent) is north of $5000. 

Complete and ready to go including 3 x new batteries (RX, Retracts & Ignition), on-board Tacho, Opto Kill & RX switchgear. Span $84.5". Dry weight approx 23lbs. Excludes RX (and TX pictured!).

Price $3495 

Hangar 9 1/4 Scale J3 Cub 

Hangar 9 1/4 Scale J3 Cub
Lovely low hours, high spec example. 108" span. Saito FG-125 4 stroke glow, Sullivan On-Board Glow Driver, Savox Servos, Master Airscrew Classic Propeller, TruTurn Hub Spinner, RX/Glow Driver  Batteries. New replacement as spec'd about $2800. First class condition with total estimated running/flying time only about 2 hours...perhaps less! All originally supplied new by Firebrand.
Warbird Pilots Civilian Pilot figure in photo not included (in stock if required).
Price  $1595

Sig 1/4 Scale J3 Cub

Sig 1/4 Scale Cub - Newly Refurbished & Upgraded

Originally beautifully built by a Feilding based customer, this Sig 1/4 Scale J3 has subsequently been refitted by FirebrandAeroRC. This model stands out among all the ARF's  at the field. Approx 108" 2 piece wing.
- New PH/ASP 180 FS (30cc 4 Stroke), Xoar Prop & "Plumbing"
- New Savox HT Servos
- New Sullivan On-Board Glow
- Interior, Cowl, Engine Area Refurbishment
- Painted Fabric Covering
This is a rare opportunity. Ready for run-up and maiden by her new owner!

Price $2195

Turbine Aircraft

Tomahawk Design

Tomahawk Design Futura

Absolute premium end model constructed in Tomahawks glass and carbon fiber sandwich technology. 2.05m long and 1.9" span. KT100 turbine. Powerbox "everything" including Cockpit SRS & iGyro SRS with GPS. Very high spec model in immaculate condition. Doesn't really come much better at any price! Estimated new replacement as spec'd circa $12,000.

Price $6995 exc RX's