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Quality Large Scale RC Aircraft, Engines & Accessories


Zippy LiFe 6.6v RX

2500mAh - $65

On Backorder

Zippy 2S HV LiPo RX 

2100mAh - $65

In Stock Now

Nano-Tech LiFe 6.6v RX

1700mAh  Price $60   Re-order Pending

3000mAh  Price $80   On Backorder

Zippy Flightmax & Compact LiPo

5000mAh 40C 6S - Price $225 In Stock Now

4500mAh 40C 6S - Price $210 In Stock Now

2700mAh 40C 4S - Price $125 In Stock Now

2700mAh 40C 3S - Price $95 In Stock Now

2200mAh 40C 3S - Price $70 In Stock Now

Sanyo Eneloop Pro 2500 mAh NiMh

Price $70

In Stock Now

LiPo Safety Bags

Team C LiPo Safety Bag

180 x 85 x 70mm

Price $25

Re-order Pending

Battery Checkers

Hyperion EOS Sentry

2S ~ 8S Battery compatible LiPo LiFe NiCd and NiMh capable. EOS Sentry 3 displays the total battery pack voltage and a percentage bar graph for estimated remaining capacity. 

Price $55

In Stock Now

Genuine VoltWatch


Price $25

In Stock Now

Chargers & Leads

Hyperion EOS 0840i 1000w Charger

Need to charge large LiPo's? 1000w, max 40A, 11-30v DC Input. 1 - 8 Lixx, 1 - 20 Nixx and 2-24v PB. 

Price $380

In Stock Now

Power Peak C8 EQ-Bid

Nice mid size AC/DC charger. 10A/180W.

• LiIo/LiPo/LiFe cell count: 1~8 cells
• NiCd/NiMH cell count: 1~24 cells
• Pbcell count: 1-12

Price $225
In Transit

Multi Charge Lead

11 plugs including EC3, EC5, XT60, CT4, Deans/T & JR/Uni

Price $25

In Stock Now